February 2, 2015
ABBA 2015 Player Movement

Roving reporter and ABBA General Secretary Aldo McCoy reports: F&G Trading Cuties Ovals Ojays has formed a super team of sorts…added to roster…Adissa ‘Ras-i’ Harris moved from Yorks Crushers…Darnell Azille from Flyers…Kevin ‘The Highlight’ Francis from Rockersville, Gerard (Dumbo) Henry formerly of Yorks Crushers…and bringing out of retirement…Darrin (The Product) Jeanville…Owner/President of club says championship…

November 21, 2014
Corporate Partner Feature: Cool and Smooth

With the business philosophy “You need to give to get” the office walls of Amer Hourani owner of Cool and Smooth is papered with Certificates of Appreciation and Awards, all the evidence of his contribution to Sports and Culture in Antigua and Barbuda.  There isn’t a sporting event in Antigua and Barbuda  that Cool and Smooth is not…

November 2, 2014
ABBA 2014 Awards Ceremony – Tribute To Nyah

The ABBA 2014 Awards Ceremony held at the City View Hotel on Thursday 30th October was nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY. The basketball fraternity turned out in its numbers to celebrate the 33rd Anniversary of Independence for our Nation of Antigua and Barbuda, the contributions of persons who would have served as President of the Association since…

October 24, 2014
Revised ABBA Constitution

On Thursday 16th, the members of ABBA voted to adopt a new Constitution for the Association at a Special General Meeting held specifically for that purpose.  The feedback and recommendations made by the members proved to be useful.  The new constitution addressed some glaring issues and contradictions in the former document, and the overwhelming sentiment…

October 7, 2014

National Coach George Hughes and National Player Chaz Samuel stars in Digicel’s #savedbydata commercial.