Division 3

February 1, 2015
Wings Falter Against Grass Roots

After a 23—21 first half against New Thriving Grass Root, CPTSA Wings Youth were on course with a 33—31 lead at the end of the 3rd quarter but dropped the ball in the 4th with New Thriving romping a 13—4 run in the 4th to take the win 44—35 in the ABBA Division 3 League…

January 26, 2015
Gunners Shoot Wings in Opener

Max Fernandez Gunners ran an unanswered 12—0, during the first quarter of a Division 3 opening game on Wednesday night, January 21, at the Gillian Brazier Ovals Basketball Court, to finish the half 26—10 and ultimately 53—30 for the victory. Wings, gun-shy, managed only 47 at-tempts from the field for a poor under 30 percentage shooting,…