Roving reporter and ABBA General Secretary Aldo McCoy reports:

F&G Trading Cuties Ovals Ojays has formed a super team of sorts…added to roster…Adissa ‘Ras-i’ Harris moved from Yorks Crushers…Darnell Azille from Flyers…Kevin ‘The Highlight’ Francis from Rockersville, Gerard (Dumbo) Henry formerly of Yorks Crushers…and bringing out of retirement…Darrin (The Product) Jeanville…Owner/President of club says championship is the ONLY option(guaranteed).

Other moves Jamison (Burning Flames) Roberts moved from Ovals to Empire Hawks.

Ahkimo…imported Benedikt Kienesberger from Austria.

Freetown Travellers has added some young guns…Sheldon Abrams & Warren Bogle from Ottos Sweet BBBs, Kelvin Pimentel from Rockersville to strengthen the men from East

Xavier ‘X man’ Meade is still not registered…rumors have it he’s being offered $3000 to an open cheque, even a car for his services; decision should be made by 2nd week of February.

Lastly Mario is still out/not registered…awaiting finalize deal to double stipend from last year, seeing this year two rounds will be played.