wings_anjoAnjo Insurances, on Thursday, February 5, came to the aid of the Wings Youth Bas-ketball group in donating S1000.00EC to-ward the registration fees of the Wings boys and girls teams in the ABBA Leagues.

The Wings Youth Basketball teams com-prise of boys and girls attending several schools throughout the island, including, St. Joseph Academy, Antigua Grammar, Trinity Academy, St. Anthony’s, Antigua State Col-lege, Christ the King High, Pares Secon-dary, Princess Margaret, Island Academy and Baptist Academy.

Presentation of the funds was made by Anjo Insurances’ Marketing Manager, Mr. Harry Hobson to Committee member of the Wings Youth Basketball Unit, Ms. Michelle Weekes.

Present also, was President of the Antigua/Barbuda Basketball Association, Mr. Daryll Matthew who has been giving credence to the Wings Sports Club and its programs.

Anjo Insurances has been at the forefront of assistance over many years to Sports in Antigua/Barbuda, particularly, the Inter-schools Cricket League.

The CPTSA Wings Sports Club conveys Special Thank You to Anjo Insurances.


(Reprinted with permission of CPTSA Wings Sports Club)