Each week, the Executive of the Antigua and Barbuda Basketball Association tries to find new ways of making the current Digicel ABBA League the best one yet.  The competition is reaching the end of the first round, and the intensity is reaching fever pitch. The focus of this weeks ABBA Hoops though, will be on developments that give a nice “feel-good” to all involved.

The first “feel-good” moment this week involves an initiative undertaken to work with the management and inmates of Her Majesty’s Prison…this program is being dubbed BASKETBALL BEHIND BARS.

The President and members of ABBA visited the prison to participate in a series of basketball games between Cell Block A, Cell Block B, Cell Block C and Remand.  The games were tremendously exciting, and the spectators (other inmates) were vocal in their support and appreciative of the opportunity to enjoy the basketball.

The President of ABBA made a donation of two basketballs to the prison program, and committed the Executive to continue working with the authorities at the prison.  In fact, the plans are in the works to have a game played between the Executive of ABBA and the Inmates.