Business League

September 27, 2016
Kennedy’s Edge Out Transport Board in Business Basketball League

By Carlena Knight (Caribbean Times) With a brief opening ceremony to declare the 2016 season open, defending champions, Kennedy’s, edged out newbies, Antigua Barbuda Transport Board Authority, 59-57, on Saturday night in the Cool & Smooth Digicel Business Basketball league at JSC. In the feature match, the champs who are on their quest to become…

November 3, 2014
Kennedys Business League Playoff Champs

KENNEDYS BUSINESS LEAGUE PLAYOFF CHAMPS Congratulations to Kennedys Blue Diamond the 2014 Digicel, Cool & Smooth ABBA Business League Playoff Champions. In a 2-game sweep with a final score 65-57 Kennedy’s won over APUA Head Office Wednesday night at JSC Sports Complex. CIBC First Caribbean International Bank emerged league champions with a win/loss record of…

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