The 2017 Business League Playoffs will see the likes of eight teams, who are ready and set to compete for the 2017 Playoffs Title.

In order of most wins, the teams set to compete are: Antigua & Barbuda Transport board (15-1); Sandals (13-3); APUA Head Office (12-4); Suga Beez (11-5); Anjo Wholesale (11-5); Kennedy’s (11-5); Barbuda 1 (10-6); Fitzroy Rewinding Transformers (10-6).

The competition is slated to kickoff on Wednesday 22nd November with two match-ups, Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board versus Fitzroy’s Rewinding Transformers at 7:00PM and Sandals versus Barbuda 1 at 8:00PM.

On Thursday 23rd, the Playoff action continues with two games, APUA Head Office versus Kennedy’s at 7:00PM and at 8:00PM, Suga Beez versus Anjo Wholesale.

The general public is invited to support the upcoming games; admission will be $5:00.