Congratulations to Kennedys Blue Diamond the 2014 Digicel, Cool & Smooth ABBA Business League Playoff Champions. In a 2-game sweep with a final score 65-57 Kennedy’s won over APUA Head Office Wednesday night at JSC Sports Complex.

CIBC First Caribbean International Bank emerged league champions with a win/loss record of 15-1.

2014 Business League Awards:

  • Most Points in League – Ishan Peets (FCIB)
  • Most Disciplined Player – Kareem Floyd (ABAA)
  • Biggest Shot of the League – Winston Drew (Digicel)
  • Longest 3-pt Bomber – Russell Daley (FCIB)
  • Most 3 point baskets in a game- Chaz Samuel (Kennedys) and Michael Roach (FCIB)
  • Most Disciplined team – ABAA
  • Spirit of the game Award – APUA Water
  • Most Outstanding player in league – George Francis (Digicel)
  • Most Valuable Player in League – Ishan Peets (FCIB)
  • Most Valuable Player in Playoffs – Xavier Meade (Kennedys)
  • Coaches Award – Murain ABAA, Junie Sheppard Kennedys, Marlon George Digicel and Shomarie Bascus 3Ds
  • Ultimate Fans Award – Happy, Bird, Monique, Freda and Spiderman