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2018 Mens Division 1 Players’ Statistics (Regular Season)

2018 Mens Division 1 Players' Statistics (Regular Season)

Gore, IshaPolice Vertex00.
Daniel, CurtisOffice Depot Rebels00.
Nicholas, SeanMax Fernandez Gunners00.
Dennis, LeslieChristos Supermarket/K.A.G United00.
Hopkins, MalcolmPointVill Ballers00.
Aaron, DaviaeOld Road Daggers00.
Christian, WaltonHarold Lovell Rockersville00.
Coates, WayneHarold Lovell Rockersville00.
Richardson, RandyOld Road Daggers00.
Francis, RichieChristos Supermarket/K.A.G United00.
Bowers, TevinF&G Trading Cutie Ovals Ojays
Huntley, KwameChristos Supermarket/K.A.G United00.
Blair, KareemOffice Depot Rebels00.
Brazier, SamuelHarold Lovell Rockersville00.
Stevens, RaheemAll Saints Slam00.
Lavishere, EarlHarold Lovell Rockersville00.
Gore, DalePolice Vertex00.
Gore, MicahH.U.F Baldwin Braves
Jacobs, KareemOttos Officials00.
Davis, CaironF&G Trading Cutie Ovals Ojays 300.
Seth, NaikF&G Trading Cutie Ovals Ojays
White, OzaineHarold Lovell Rockersville00.
Beazer, DavidsonOttos Officials00.
Aaron, BrianBolans00.
Simon, KelvinOld Road Daggers00.
Adams, PercyF&G Trading Cutie Ovals Ojays
Tonge, LeonF&G Trading Cutie Ovals Ojays
Green, SamuelOttos Officials00.
Charles, CyrilOffice Depot Rebels00.
Hastings, AbbasF&G Trading Cutie Ovals Ojays 300.
Quallis, ArielH.U.F Baldwin Braves
Osbourne, VictorChristos Supermarket/K.A.G United00.
Bass, AndyOld Road Daggers00.
Matthew, TorianoOffice Depot Rebels00.
London, JoelF&G Trading Cutie Ovals Ojays
Joseph, KevinHarold Lovell Rockersville00.
Jules, DeonF&G Trading Cutie Ovals Ojays
George, GijaOffice Depot Rebels00.