Sharife Sergeant

Name:  Sharife Sergeant  (Nickname: Soljah)
Age: 24  |  Height: 6’9″  |  Weight: 245lbs
Position: Forward/Center
Hometown: St. John’s – Antigua & Barbuda
Education: Bachelors Degree in Business Management
Profession: Athlete
Current Team/League: Flyers Basketball – ABBA League
Awards/Accomplishments:  2012 NAIA D1 and 2014 NCAA D1 Conference Championsip, 2014-2015 All American senior year in college and 2015 CBC Bronze Medalist.
Favourite NBA Player:  Kobe Bryant
Favourite Pro Team: Los Angeles Lakers
Favourite ABBA Player:  Sharife Sergeant…LOL!
Q: What is your earliest basketball memory?
A: High School Championship.
Q: What was your best game?
A: 25 points, 12 rebounds (Senior Year in College). 
Q: What is your most memorable basketball moment?
A: Winning the 2015 CBC Bronze Medal.
Q: What was your funniest basketball moment?
A: 1st year playing in ABBA League I checked into the game with my jersey on the wrong side.
Q: What is your signature move?
A: 2 dribbles middle spin base line both blocks.
Q: What is your favourite part or why do you love basketball?
A: Seeing the hard work you put in pay off, seeing improvement in your game as well as successes.
Q: Are you competitive against your teammates?
A: Yes.  I try to be as much as possible.
Q: What is/are your strength(s)?
A: Being an ambidextrous scorer and offensive rebounder.
Q: What is/are your weakness(es)
A: Intensity and lackadaisical at times.
Q: What are your expectations/goals for Panama?
A: To contribute in any way needed and help the team place in the top 5. 
Q: What is your favorite quote?
A: “If it was easy everyone would do it”.
Q: What’s your warm up routine?
A: Form shooting and jump hooks on both blocks and free throws.
Q: Do you have a lucky charm?
A: No.


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