northsidestingerz_logoDivision 2 continues to be dominated by the SaniPro North-Side Stingerz led by Team Founder and Captain Doyle Carter along with the other members of the management team, Marcello McMaster, Gene Jones and Conliffe Clarke.  Persons may recall that the Stingerz were 15 seconds away from promotion to Division 1 during the 2014 league.  This year, perhaps with memory of “the one that got away”, the Stingerz have come into 2015 as the team to beat in Division 2.  They have signed former national player Mahjiah Davis as player/coach, and Desmond Spencer to bring some leadership to the team.  In fact, this reporter has heard the first cut of the North-Side Stingerz theme song……WOW!!!!!

Stingerz currently enjoy a record of 8-0, and looks like they’re marching their way to being one of the automatically promoted teams to Division 1 next season.

Team Manager, Senator Michael Freeland, a Stingerz player in 2014 who realized that his contribution may be greater as a manager as opposed to a player, attributes the teams success to commitment, discipline and hard work.

michael_freelandAccording to Senator Freeland, the addition of Player/Coach Davis and others such as utility player Felix Hamilton has given the team some strong leadership on the bench and on the court, and also brings some depth to the line up.  Players, who in the past may have felt indispensible, now realize that selection to play is not an automatic right, but a privilege that has to be earned.

The Stingerz organization continues to be a shining example of what good structure and management can achieve, and their success can certainly be attributed to their sponsors which include SaniPro, Harney Motors, Townhouse Mega Store and Francis Printing.

The Executive of ABBA wishes the Stingerz Club well, and trust that their success will be an example to other sports clubs in Antigua and Barbuda.

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